Highway 401 Rehabilitation

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Highway 401 Rehabilitation

Client Ministry of Transportation Ontario
Location Ontario, Canada
Scope Of Work Schedule and cost forecasting, risk identification, international risk assessments, decision risk analysis, construction risk monitoring
Schedule 2011

Project Detail

Spire was engaged by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to complete the value engineering and risk assessment component of the preliminary design assessment. Spire’s scope included participating in the value engineering workshop; reviewing and evaluating project budgets, cost estimates, schedules, and contracts; and initiating the project cost and schedule risk management workshop. The goal of the program’s value engineering phase was to apply recognized value engineering methodologies to ensure the project was accomplishing necessary functions, identify areas of unnecessary or excess costs, identify and evaluate cost-reducing alternatives, examine opportunities to add value to the project, measure the performance of the alternatives, and identify project risks and develop strategies to mitigate those risks. Spire assisted the MTO by identifying and ranking risks that might occur during the project, establishing a risk-based estimate of cost and schedule, and developing risk management and mitigation strategies.